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Do you have a Senior Loved One? A Senior Loved One can be your grandma, mother, grandpa, dad, aunt, uncle, cousin and/or an elderly friend that you care about. Does your Senior Loved One take any medications? If so, check to see if he/she has a list of their medications written down on an index card or a sheet of paper and stored in their wallet and at home in a safe place.

Let’s look at this scenario, an emergency occurs and your Senior Loved One is taken to the hospital, having easy access to a list of their medications is vital. You don’t have to worry about remembering what medications your Senior Loved One takes or fear that you stated the wrong medication to the ER doctor. At this point, your mind maybe solely on your Senior Loved One’s immediate well-being. Having a list of your Senior Loved One’s medication in their wallet is the way to go. Let’s take it a step further, if your Senior Loved One is allergic to any medications and/or food, this too should be included on this list.

When creating the medication list the following should be listed: Name of your Senior Loved One, illness name, medication for illness, dosage of the medication, how many times the medication is taken, times the medication is taken, name of primary care doctor, list of medications and food allergies, one primary emergency contact including their name, relationship to the Senior Loved One and two telephone numbers.

As the medication change (i.e. dosage, additions, and removals) allergies and/or emergency contact change, the list card should be updated. We have to help our Senior Loved One live life to the fullest. Together, WE can.

Just for you, I have created a Medication List form for you to us as a reference! Please use and share as you wish. Click Medication List Form to download the form.

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Angela V. McKnight
The Carepreneur

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